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2nd All Africa Powerlifting Championships Parys, 
South Africa 3rd-4th August 2007

The 2nd All Africa Powerlifting Championships took place on the 3rd and 4th August at a small picturesque town on the banks of the mighty Vaal River about 120 Km’s from Johannesburg.
These championships were due to take place a week later in Libya however due to various reasons the Libyan Federation were unable to accommodate the competition and this necessitated a late change in venue.
The South African Powerlifting Federation kindly agreed to host the competition at the last minute in conjunction with their annual interprovincial championship which was being held in Parys.
Due to the lateness in organizing, a number of countries that had submitted entries were unable to obtain visas in time, however Libya, Nigeria, Algeria, Uganda along with South Africa managed to make it to the competition.
Hannie Smith from South Africa kindly provided accommodation at his farm free of charge for the lifters and officials and whilst it was a bit of a distance for the liters to travel each day to the lifting venue, we all managed.
The venue was a conference centre right on the banks of the river, set up with 4 warm up platforms and the main platform in the hall, all brand new racks and as much weights as anyone would need.
The lifting was spread over 2 days with weight groups up toand including 82.5 on day one and 90 + on day two.
Over 60 lifters participated with 30 of those representing the African countries.
Some of the highlights were Masnod S Elmshiti of Libya at 60 kg B/W with a total of 547.5, Mohamed Eleskandarani 72.9 B/W of Libya with Squat of 270, Bench 155, D/L 250 total 675, Muntesr A Mohamed of Libya 81.2 B/W Squat 285, Bench 190, D/L 260 total 735.
In the 90kg division Serag Agisouda Libya Squat 280, Bench 200, D/L 290 total 770.
The highlight of the competition was the three way fight in the 125 kg division between Brian Green of South Africa, Waell Alfaliah of Libya and Hamed Elruba also of Libya.
Waell Alfallah Squatted 360 to Brian Greens 335, Waell Benched 230 to Brian’s 240 and it all came down to the Deadlift with Waell missing a 337.5 laving Brian the winner with a 330 D/L and a total of 905 to Waell’s 890
Brian Green eventually took the best lifter award with a total points of 520.01.
The team trophy went to Libya who outgunned all the other teams by far and thoroughly deserved to win the Championships
A great two day’s of lifting in a nice intimate venue with good spectator support plenty of refreshments available, ending off with a nice three course meal Banquet.

The Friday evening saw the African Powerlifting Congress take place and 
with 2007 being an IPF election year, the African Powerlifting Federation’s constitution stipulates that full elections must take place in the same year. 
The elections duly took place and the following Board members were elected.
The position of President: Alan Ferguson 
Vice President: Mohamed S Albabour, Libya
General Secretary: Oladipupo Sangode, Nigeria 
Treasurer: As it was felt that the Federation is in its infancy there was no need at present for a treasurer and Alan Ferguson as President will assume responsibility for the time being for this position.
Technical Officer: Hannie Smith, South Africa 
Board member: Neville Primich, South Africa

2008 All Africa Championships will take place in Algeria, with the 2009 championships in Nigeria.

All in all a successful weekend and we look forward to next year in Algeria.

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The 2007 South African Powerlifting Championships

The SA Champs were held in Johannesburg on the 25th and 26th May 2007 at the Middleton Conference Centre.
The venue proved to be ideal in that the viewing public were seated at round tables close to the lifting platform and were able to enjoy good food and beverage whilst enjoying the lifting.
The lifting was spread over two days with the light lifters up to 82.5kgs lifting on Friday and the heavier lifters on Saturday.
All in all there were close to 80 lifters which was in fact boosted by five Nigerian guest lifters.
The score sheet of the competition follows: 
A number of SA records were broken and a couple of the highlights were Young Jaco de Waal who is the current World Sub Junior champion at 82.5 kgs Squatting 250, Benching 157.5 and Deadlifting 255.
Another interesting lifter was Alan Dingle who is a blind 100kg Master 1 lifter, Squatted 280, Benched 160 and Deadlifted 255.
In the 125 kg division Brian Green took the honours with a 320 Squat, 255 bench and a 335 deadlift.
Off course the Super heavyweights always provide some interesting lifting and this year was no exception with Arno Lamprecht at 179.3 kg bodyweight unfortunately missing two attempts at 420 kg squat but ending with 297.5 Squat , 245 Bench and 325 Deadlift.
Our Nigerian guests acquitted themselves very well with Waheed Kareem in the 75kg division Squatting 230 Benching 140 and Deadlifting 225.
However the most impressive of the Nigerians was Archibong Samuel Okon who without a Squat suit or decent wraps Squatted 320kg narrowly missing a 350, Benching 130 and Deadlifting 280 kgs.

The Nigerians have got enormous potential when one thinks that all their lifters had very minimal equipment only leotards, very basic wraps and a belt yet they competed very favourably and in some cases winning their division.
All in all the competition was a success rounding off with a sumptious banquet, prize giving and team selection the highlight of the evening.

Alan Ferguson

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2006 African Powerlifting Region Report

The African Powerlifting Federation is in its infancy at this time however with this web site being established I believe this will assist greatly with expansion the wonderful sport of Powerlifting throughout Africa.
Two of the biggest problems promoting Powerlifting in Africa has been communication along with poverty being lack of the financial resources to purchase equipment and travel to competitions.
This medium of communication will allow the general Powerlifting population throughout Africa to know or at least be aware of what is going on in the surrounding countries. The web site has links to the International Powerlifting Federation as well as all the other IPF affiliated regions and countries web sites.
Apart from this it is hoped that each affiliated country will make every effort to promote their country their yearly programe of events and general news items through this web site.
Over the years numerous attempts have been made mostly by myself to stage an All African Powerlifting Championship. 
The inaugural championship took place way back in the early 90s when the African Championships were staged in Johannesburg in conjunction with the South African Championships 
.At that stage the only African Countries present were South Africa, Botswana and Kenya with observers from Zimbabwe.
I attempted to stage the African Championships in Kenya in 1998 with no success and was forced to once again stage these championships in Potchefstroom South Africa.
Once again only a handful of countries attended.
Last year in Egypt we finally managed to put together a meaningful competition which unfortunately had its problems as the following report which was submitted for the annual IPF congress will elude to:-

2006 African Powerlifting Region Report

2006 has been an eventful year for African Powerlifting in that we staged the first real African Championships in Alexandria, Egypt in June.
We have in the past, staged so called African Championships in South Africa where we have had one or two countries present however this time with the venue being closer to most of the member countries a better turnout resulted.
Although we experienced a number of problems relating to the organisation and venue we did manage to put 42 lifters on to the platform.
The countries with lifters present were South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, in addition we had two none participating countries namely Morocco and Mali attending.
Unfortunately the host federation, Egypt, were unable to provide the infrastructure and facilities that one has come to expect of an IPF championship, however the best was made of the situation and a result was achieved. I do believe that the refereeing was up to standard and the lifters received a fair call and ultimately experienced competing internationally and developing new friendships which is what Powerlifting is all about.
On a positive note I was able to personally meet and have discussions with 8 representatives from African countries resulting in more tangible relationships.
These together with a number of nations unable to attend namely Uganda, Mauritius and Botswana form the nucleus of the African Powerlifting Federation.
Libya who have a very well established federation in place have agreed to stage next year’s African Championships and knowing the abilities of the organisers I am sure that we can expect a top class competition.

The African Championships in Libya will be staged from the 10th – 12th August and will be preceded by the annual congress.
More of the details regarding this competition including the invitation and registration forms will be posted on this web site in the near future.

For more information on Powerlifting in Africa please feel free to contact me by email on and I will be happy to oblige.

Yours in Powerlifting 
Alan Ferguson
President African Powerlifting Federation


Alan Ferguson