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Is it safe to buy views for my video content?

Every time a new technique for social media optimization is discovered, there are a number of unscrupulous companies ready to poach unknowing users with fake promises. However, it is entirely legal to buy views for your online videos, although you do want to take certain precautions to make sure that your information stays safe and protected.

There are a number of benefits to purchasing views in that it will quickly help give you and your content legitimacy, and can position you for greater outreach in search results. However, services like YouTube have begun to catch on to the fake viewer problem, which is when you are sold hundreds or thousands of views, which a robot quickly goes through. To combat this, YouTube now considers the importance of views in ranking you by tracking how long people watch your content for. If every few is only a couple of seconds, they may review those users and remove the views from your count.

Even worse, if YouTube suspects you are continuously purchasing these fake views, they may suspend or remove your account.

A great way to protect against this is by carefully considering each service. If a program offers you immediate views then stay away, as this is a way to flag to YouTube that your viewers may not actually be watching your content. Reputable companies know this, and will space out views based on time not viewer count, making sure you stay off of the radar.

Overall, if you are considering purchasing views make sure you find a company that doesn’t make promises that they can’t deliver on. Find one that recognizes that YouTube’s standards have changed, and you’ll make sure you are quickly on your way to success.