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Just as a coin, a dream too has two sides

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Sigmund Freud was the pioneer as far as dream analysis was concerned. He was considered to be undisputed master of this therapy. According to him, the analysis of dreams was the “Royal road to the unconscious”. He was of the view that a person when fully awake is capable of manipulating thoughts to his advantage. The same question, when put forth to the same person while asleep might elicit a different response. This is because the conscious mind behaves like a censor but is less vigilant when one is asleep. Hence thoughts which have been repressed come out to the surface. Hence it is said that people speak the truth when they talk in sleep as this is when the unconscious mind takes over and one blurts out what he would have done if fully awake. This theory is also used by investigating authorities during a criminal investigation. Noted psychoanalyst Patrick Mahony also subscribed to this view. He added that there are two contents to a dream. One is the manifest content and the other is the latent content.

The manifest content is what we actually remember and the latent content is what we actually mean. Psychoanalysis has achieved great importance in recent times and is considered to be the ultimate in treating the mental problems associated with man in this stressful world. This field of alternate therapy though very useful, still needs to be researched. A lot of things are still to be understood deeply for the therapy to be completely effective. This is a learning process and one can take the help of psychoanalysts such as Patrick Mahony to clear one’s doubts in the subject. He is easily accessible through his website and would welcome all doubts so that he can use his vast knowledge and experience in clearing them.