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Play Rocket Cat Online Free on Juegos Friv

Below is a walkthrough for Rocket Cat Juegos Friv game.

A desperate kitty has a set of mini rockets in all its four legs but is unable to fly on them. Fortunately, you are here to help. It will however require you a bit of trials to balance as well as move back and forth on air. At times, you will even crash land the Rocket Cat upside down but this is not dangerous as long as the dangerous comets do not land on you.

The objective of the game is to earn as much points as one can while avoiding collision with comets. As time proceeds, one should also master how to move the cat across the screen to pick up stars before they travel and disappear at the other end. The richest source of points however is the combo, which adds you several points when you hover across it as compared to the stars.

Only two keys, the right and left one, are used for control. When the cat’s feet are at the same level, pressing both of these down simultaneously will lift it vertically while releasing them will bring it back down. The left key, when held alone, lifts the hind side of the cat while the right key lifts the head. To return the cat to normal position, the player has to reset the front and back manually using the two keys.

The downside of this game is that it only gives the player a single chance. Once hit by a comet, one has to start all over again thereby destroying all points acquired initially. On the plus side however, Rocket Cat is quite an involving game thus it leaves no chance for boredom.

The options menu also provides you with opportunity to increase complexity by reversing the controls. In addition, the graphics and music are great.