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Identity Theft Blog – Things you should know about Security Questions


Are passwords the keys to online accounts? Therefore, where do you run to when you lose those keys? Hereof, you are run into the security questions. So, are these questions essential as your passwords? Yes, according to the identity theft blog. But, what makes an ideal security question?

Following are some of the frequent security questions explained:

> What is the name of your pet? – When you answer this question frequently, avoid it. The answer to this question is predictable to fishing sites and software’s. Additionally, your friends, particularly on your Facebook profile know the answer to this question.

> In what city were you born? – This is one of the most researched questions. It is available in majority public records as well as on your Facebook profile information. Not an ideal choice for protecting your information!

> What is the name of your favorite teacher – this is a good question. Perhaps you are 25 – 30 years, not even your parents remember your favorite that favorite elementary teacher. Thus, when your information is hacked the foremost suspect is your best friend since they know a specific teacher who had a big impact on your school life.

> What did you eat for dinner last night? – steer clear of this question even when using a diary. How will you memorize a meal that you consumed on 25th December 2010? Always opt for a memorable question.

> Who is your favored historic persona? – This is the best security question, but also researchable. Provided that you have not posted the answer anywhere, elect this question as it is highly unforgettable.

Even though these security questions are habitually pre-selected, there is generally one superior choice. In case there are no unique questions, then select superior answers write a blog on identity theft. Not that it is easier to reset a password or remember a security question, therefore, keep the hackers of your data with memorable unique security questions.