The Powerlifting world under the International Powerlifting Federation, banner is split into 6 zones or Regions namely Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Oceana and Africa.
The African Powerlifting Federation is the regional representative of the IPF.
Africa is then divided into countries such as South Africa, Uganda, Egypt, Libya etc.

In order for any country to affiliate to the IPF they have to be registered with their regional federation and to do this they need to complete and send the application (which can be downloaded from this web site) to

Alan Ferguson, 
P.O.Box 1180, 
Sunvalley, 7985 
Republic of South Africa, 
email: alanf@global.co.za 
fax to 027 21 7830535.

Please Note!

Membership fees are due now. Should membership fees not be kept up to date, members will have no vote and no rights.

The required annual APF affiliation fee of Euros 100 plus the IPF affiliation fee of Euros 200 needs to be paid into the International Powerlifting Federation bank account as follows:-
Name of the Bank : Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat du Luxembourg 
Account number (IBAN) LU57 0019 1300 4802 3000 
Bic code : BCEELULL 
Address of the bank: Place de Metz L-2954 Luxembourg

Information regarding any payment:
IPF Treasurer Gaston Parage
1, rue Pasteur
4642 Differdange
Mobile phone: + 352 621165214
Fax number: + 352 582696
E-mail: gparage@vo.lu
Only once a new member is accepted into membership and paid the affiliation fee to the APF will that nation be allowed any say and voting rights in accordance with the constitution.
In order for any athlete to compete in the APF or any other regional championships or any of the IPF world championships the country that they belong to must be members of the APF in good standing.

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