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Monthly Archives: Jul 2016

More, much more on the funniest sides of life are coming from the children of the world

The world, as most of you know it, appears to be quite bleak. It’s even harrowing for small town dwellers that generally have much more to smile about than urban city dwellers. But, apart from the obvious newsworthy and yet cringe-worthy events of the day, what really gets everyone talking. What really gets their tongues wagging? Truth be told, however, grown-up tongues, not even the most garrulous of them all, can keep up with the kids of today, especially the youngest of the bunch.

There is thankfully, more to this world. There is much more coming from these kids than anywhere else in the world that is putting smiles on people’s faces any time of the week. More, much, much more on the funniest sides of life are coming from the children of this world, even from those who don’t always seem to have much to smile about. If you are a parent, you should know by now that all of this is true.

It certainly beats the old saying that nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing beats sincerity from the mouths of inventive kids. Most of the time they’re not even trying. Watch a little more closely next time how well they can keep a straight face while filling you in on something humorous from their day. The story is told so convincingly that you have to believe in every word thus far.


Ok, some kids do do it for reward. Instead of plowing your kids’ hands with more sugar-coatings, make them famous by publishing their funniest stories, true or not, on the net. Help make the world a better place, why don’t you.